BUSINESS FINANCE 财务金融学:基础篇 (英语)

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This course introduces the activities of financial managers in the planning, acquisition and administration of funds used in a business enterprise.


Course Objectives: This course introduces the activities of financial managers in the planning, acquisition and administration of funds used in a business enterprise.  This course will examine the fundamental concepts and basic tools used in financial management and demonstrate how those concepts and tools can be applied in the selection and evaluation of investment alternatives and in the business decision making process.  The instructor’s objective is to see that all students attain the level of understanding of the course material that is expected of business graduates by the business community and to provide a sufficient foundation for those students who wisely choose to build on that foundation for their own personal benefit and for the benefit of their future employers.

Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students are expected to:

  • Understand the Time Value of Money and the factors which impact it
  • Be able to establish, manage and evaluate payment schedules for loans and investments
  • Be able to translate values across time
  • Understand the relationship between risk and return and factors that impact both
  • Be able to value common stocks, bonds, and preferred stocks
  • Be able to determine the cost of capital for a business
  • Be able to make business decisions using a discounted cash flow model
  • Be able to evaluate potential business investments and make reasoned recommendations

Textbook: Fundamentals of Financial Management, Concise 8th Edition by Eugene F. Brigham and Joel F. Houston,   ISBN: 10 1-285-06513-1   ISBN-13:978-1-285-06513-7





金融博士,CFA持证人,美国大学 金融学资深教授、博士生导师、孔子学院院长和中国中心主任、陕西省百人计划与天津市千人计划获选人上海市海外名师 曾仼CFA官方教材评审与三级考试阅卷老师

周昆教授1989年毕业于美国阿拉巴马大学,获金融学博士学位。周昆教授主要从事国际金融资产管理、资本市场风险分析、投资组合管理、公司财管和财政执行力等方面的教学工作。他的研究领域包括:金融资产、投资组合及基金管理、所得分配和税收、随机优势和统计建模以及亚太金融市场等。他于2005年担任上海证券交易所客座教授,参与中国上市公司股权分置改革之研究並为2014年陕西省百人计划与2015年天津市千人计划获选人。2016年获选为上海市海外名师周昆教授著有投资银行等专著,并在国际经济和金融学术期刊发表论文四十余篇。谷歌学术引文2000次以上。他发明的 Chow Ratio 选股运算法则被标准普尔道琼斯(S&P Dow Jones)公司採用为短期逆转型股价指数计算标准(参见。

已发表论文( 參見 Google Scholar)

目前的研究 (Working Papers)

1. Does VIX Truly Measure Return Volatility?

2. Conditional Sharpe Ratios

3. Sentiment Effect and Market Portfolio Inefficiency

4. Polynomial Variation, VIX Decomposition, and Tail Risk Premium

5. Mean-Swap Variance, Portfolio Theory. and Capital Asset Pricing


BUSINESS FINANCE 财务金融学:基础篇 (英语)
BUSINESS FINANCE 财务金融学:基础篇 (英语)
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